Avon HS Presents “In the Stars”

Avon HS Presents “In the Stars”

From an Avon HS Press Release.

“Your world is nothing more than all the tiny things you’ve left behind.” 

Avon HS presents their 2021 program “In the Stars”. 

Jamie Cullum (in collaboration with Clint Eastwood) reminds us in his work, “Gran Torino”, that our legacies are not our own. We leave our mark for others to pick up and build upon, realigning the stars for the next generation. Avon HS World Guard dedicates this season to their seniors who have led by example, demonstrated incredible perseverance, and leave behind an indelible legacy for the next years of Avon performers to build upon.

Director: Daniel Wiles 

Staff: Michael Townsend, Blake Dutton, Jennifer Hinshaw, Diego Castro, Keely Garcia, Breanna Mader, Brannigan Watson 

Costume Design: Chad Duggan and Dance Sophisticates

Floor and Flag Design: Blake Dutton