Ardrey Kell HS Winds Presents “arOund”

Ardrey Kell High School from Charlotte, North Carolina, is pleased to present its 2019 winter program, “arOund,” featuring the music of Gustav Mahler, Josef LaRossi, Oliver G Wallace and Radiohead.  Utilizing familiar sounds and famous canons, “arOund” seeks to explore the visual and aural aspects of the circle.

Ardrey Kell Winds features 44 performers under the direction of David Shives. Staff includes Jon Surratt, Patrick Butler, Susan Winfree and Alex Carson, with assistance from music designer Craig Fitzpatrick, costuming from Creative Costuming Inc. and set design from Digital Performance Gear. A special thanks to the Ardrey Kell Band Booster program for supporting all of the winter programs at our school.

The Ardrey Kell High School Winds will compete locally in the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association and nationally at the WGI Atlanta Regional and WGI World Championships.