Apply For a Position in the WGI Board of Directors!

call for applications for the wgi board of directors


WGI Sport of the Arts is looking for qualified individuals to fill open positions on the Board of Directors.

In a continuing effort to expand inclusion and opportunities for individuals at all levels wishing to serve within WGI, the current board of directors has eliminated the requirement for candidates to be associated with groups having Primary status.

Previously, those groups who were Advisory Board members for three consecutive years were designated as Primary and were eligible for election to the Board of Directors. This prerequisite disenfranchised A & Open Class representatives who typically have had shorter terms on the advisory boards than the World classes.

The elimination of the Primary/Secondary designation now means that any qualified person affiliated with any Advisory Board group may submit their application for the Board of Directors. 


Individuals must appear on the published staff list of their respective Advisory Board member but are elected in their personal capacities and continue to serve out their elected term on the Board if their affiliation should change. Individuals do not represent their group, but rather the activity as a whole.



The WGI Board of Directors ensures that accountability is maintained for all resources. This body is responsible for establishing organizational goals, developing a strategic direction for WGI and monitors the progress toward approved goals.  Each board member acts on behalf of all groups participating in WGI. Directors have a responsibility to support the board’s decisions and to act in the best interests of organization.


  • Attendance at all meetings is mandatory
  • Annual General Meeting – July 8-9, 2022
  • Regular Meeting – November 13-14, 2022
  • Zoom meetings from time to time as scheduled
  • Travel expenses paid by WGI


Available Positions:
  • Five (5) two-year Color Guard representative terms
  • Two (2) one-year Color Guard terms due to resignations
  • Two (2) two-year Percussion terms
  • No Winds positions are available as the current term will expire in 2023


Application Process:

All nominations must be pre-screened, and nominations for the Board of Directors will not be accepted from the floor at the meeting.

Interested individuals who qualify should complete a self-nomination form no later than May 25, 2022, and are subject to the following pre-screening requirements before their nominations are presented for election.

  • Must appear on the staff list of a current Advisory Board member.
  • Background check conducted by WGI.
  • Confirmation of SafeSport training (done by the WGI office).
  • Representation of Eligibility.

All candidates will have the opportunity to speak to their respective Advisory Board on their interest and qualifications prior to voting.

Please see our online WGI Board of Directors FAQ for more information or contact the WGI office.

Effective immediately, all such positions within our organization must be pre-screened to be considered by the respective Advisory Board.