Session Materials

Below are presentations and handouts that have been provided by a select amount of the presenters.

Banding on a Budget

Presented by Olivia Spell & Jose Antonio Montes III

Slide Presentation

Beyond the Dot Book

Presented by Wayne Harris

Slide Presentation
Beyond the Dot Book Note Sheet

The Business of Doing What You Love

Presented by Dale Powerss

Slide Presentation

Designing an Engaging 5-month Season for Scholastic A

Presented by Ryan Hall, Anne Turner, & Kaitlyn Hall

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Everyone has a process... here is mine!

Presented by Shannon Berkstresser

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Feedback as a Tool for Empowerment and Motivation

Presented by Kyle Ayers

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Grant Writing and Funding for Your Program

Presented by Devin Fletcher


Learning Through Our History: WGI Game Changers

Presented by Rosie Queen & Rick Subel

Slide Presentation
WGI Must Watch List

Music Licensing for the Marching Arts

Presented by David Walsh

Slide Presentation

Next-Level Organizations Through a Clear Mission

Presented by Matt Verburg

Slide Presentation
Mission Organizer

O.I.C.! The Joys of Movement

Presented by Vincent Thomas

Session Recap

Orange is the New Band

Presented by Ivan Fees

Slide Presentation

Props: Considerations for the Design

Presented by Jeff Hurr & Chris Lewis

Slide Presentation
Set Design Worksheet

The Stage as a Canvas

Presented by Rick Subel, Michael Gaines, & Keith Potter

Elements of Design
Principles of Design
Thoughts to Consider

Take It From the Top

Presented by Keith Potter

Slide Presentation

Using Sound Design to Enhance Your Productions with James Catherall

Presented by Pageantry Innovations


Wayne's World of Winds!

Presented by Wayne Markworth & Wayne Dillon

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3