2022 COVID Protocol Update

With the 2022 season right around the corner, the following is an update on what COVID protocols may be in place at in-person WGI events, and how the information will be released from the WGI office.


Flexibility is crucial this season. The venue hosting the show will have the final decision for the protocols for that Regional. Therefore, there could be different protocols at each WGI event.  Please realize these circumstances are beyond WGI’s control due to the variation of mandates and policies enforced by local health authorities, school boards, and event hosts.

Approximately five weeks before each event:

The event host will decide whether mask mandates or audience capacity limits are required based on their local procedures and communicate those policies to the WGI office. 

COVID protocols are a moving target, and finding one policy that encapsulates all possible outcomes of the 2022 season is impossible. Therefore, we ask that groups prepare for any combination of the scenarios below:

  • Groups may need to wear masks in the facility if a mandate is in place.
  • Groups should prepare to wear masks both during warm-up and performances should the mask mandate include “during competition.”
  • Winds groups should be prepared with bell covers if the facility requires them.
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, the show may divide into blocks of performances by time and different ticketing procedures implemented to control crowd capacity.
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, groups will have designated times to arrive, unload, go into warm-up, perform, and then leave the building.
  • If capacity restrictions for the venue are in place, groups may not enter the gym before or after their performances.
  • If extra time is required between performances, the overall format of the show may change.


Approximately four weeks before each event if any local mandates are in place:

  • On that event webpage, a red button will appear that reads “COVID PROTOCOLS.”
  • The office will e-mail participating groups explaining the “COVID PROTOCOLS” for that event.


Approximately three weeks before each event:

  • Schedules are published on the event webpages
  • If any local mandates are in place, COVID PROTOCOL information is included in the “Contest Information Packet.”


Some events may not have mask requirements or capacity restrictions. As a measure of mitigating risk at all events, the following protocols are in place:

  • WGI has a vaccination mandate for all working staff and judges.
  • All individuals are welcome to wear a mask at any time, regardless of the mandates of the facility.
  • Social distancing is encouraged as much as possible.
  • Masks are required for anyone attending critiques.
  • Anyone who does not feel well is asked not to attend the event.
  • The event host is being asked to clean high-traffic areas frequently throughout the event.
  • Traffic patterns are designed to improve circulation and minimize cross-traffic.


World Championships

All protocols for World Championships will follow federal, state, and local policies and mandates at that time. WGI will release more information on the required protocols as we get closer to the event.

WGI will continue discussing, forming, and evaluating COVID procedures as the season progresses. Our website will communicate any updates to these protocols as soon as possible.  Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.