Small Ensemble registration procedure

All videos are uploaded through a FloMarching account - info will be provided later.

Videos will be hosted on FloMarching from 9 a.m. Saturday until 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

  1. Each member of the ensemble must fill out the Performer Release Form to be uploaded at the time of registration.
    1. Download the Performer Release Form
    2. Print the form
    3. Sign (or have parent/ legal guardian) the form
    4. Use a scanner app like Tiny Scanner or Scannable to scan form into PDF format

  2. One individual will fill out the Small Ensemble registration form (below). This individual will be required to upload all your performer forms from Step 1 above at the time of registration.

  3. Chose your method of payment. If your school/group wishes to use portions of a 2020 Credit Memo, or to pay by check you will have those options. When choosing to pay by check, the email confirmation will serve as your invoice. The group then has 60 days to make payment or before the entry/paperwork deadline date (whichever is first), or your registration will be disqualified.

  4. If using the name of a school, or Independent groups for your ensemble, a 2021 Master Agreement must be uploaded using the Directors Dashboard no later than two weeks before the video submission date.
    • To access the Master Agreement, log into the Director’s Only website, select your group and then click Master Agreement.
    • To upload your Master Agreement log into the Director’s Only website, select your group and then click Document Upload.

small Ensemble Registration Form

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