2017 Season – EQ/MV Note #3

Hi all,

For most of us we are at the half way point of our season this weekend.  Most of you are now coming fully into your process and judge voice, and with that you will feel more comfortable digging into the programs in front of you.   I challenge you all to use ALL the points of comparison when delivering your commentary, and especially when arriving at the numerical rating for each team.


We also start judging larger contests and critiquing with units that are on their way to world championships.  It’s always a good time to remind A guards that come to critique about the vocabulary and excellence numbers factoring in the tabulation program. The factored numbers don’t appear on the recap, only in the total number, and this can often be a point of confusion.  It’s good to remind instructors in the A division about the “exchange rate” and why excellence from here on will be an important focus of their division.  


I know there has been a shock to our community with recent personnel actions taken by the administration.  Please know that this was not about numbers, commentary, or anything within our normal work.  This was about specific actions putting our trusted environment at risk.  If you are at a future regional with Curtis, Shirley, William or me, you are free to have a conversation about the situation and you will have your questions answered.  We can also cover any questions or concerns on our conference call on March 14.  


In the meantime, if you want to speak with me individually I am happy to discuss and help us all deal with the situation.  I will be available as you need this week via email or on the phone.