2017 Season – EQ&MV Note #2

Hi All,

Checking in again to remind everyone of some thinking points for this part of the season.

It’s early season, and we’re all coming into our full process, but I’ve noticed a tendency for there to be more focus on technical vocabulary, and a lot of negative comments on excellence.  Let’s try to balance that with comments on dynamic range and especially on achievement!  If teams are scoring in the 14’s they are achieving about 70-75% of each sub-caption…let them know what they are doing correctly to do that!

Another thinking point (from last year same time) is assessing and commenting on the depth of vocabulary.  I know we are all cognizant of the multiple layered approach in the Open/World class; one of the challenges in assessing the vocabulary is also the consideration and awareness of the depth of that layering as you scan the floor, especially when it comes to your recognition skills via your commentary.  When the vocabulary range is broadened simultaneously by multiple factors (for example, layering/speed/proximity/blind orientation), then these are the types of moments and comments that instructors love when you acknowledge.  Plus it leads you right into clearer analysis of the vocabulary when you get to the comparison questions in scoring.  Make sure you use your trained eyes to recognize the depth of what may be happening in phrases and combine that with achievement commentary.  In the example I gave, it’s possible that maybe the performers are not achieving one of the components of the depth in the vocabulary, but that doesn’t negate the training necessary to achieve that vocabulary.  Consider this when you analyze the difference between the “what” and the “how”, and include it with your commentary as you talk about the phrases. 

And finally, a note about scoring.  Don’t be afraid to put the “how” score over the “what” even at this point in the season. There may be a need to recognize and reward the performers for their training and achievement, more so than the vocabulary.  There may also be instances where the dynamics of the contest drive the need to rank within the sub-captions based upon the performances of the day.  This is especially true in SA finals at regional competitions.  You are supported and encouraged to give the groups as many points as possible in each sub-caption and to use the full range of numbers to accurately profile the sub-captions.

Enjoy your color guard experience wherever it may be this weekend!