2017 CG Judge Pre-Season Note from Curtis

Hello everyone – I know you have all been waiting patiently for this pre-season note containing all the information you could possibly need during the season… well, this isn’t it! We have had the benefit of a complete judge summit prior to the season. Philosophy has been reinforced and redirected, questions were answered regarding an array of topics, and of course numbers management discussed. It was great seeing you all and I only regret that I didn’t have time to connect with each of you individually.


You are the best. Flexible. Open to new ideas and approaches. Prepared for long weekends in high school gyms. Providing your best work to the best color guards in the activity. So, I will make this brief, it will serve only as a reminder of a handful of topics.


Most of the follow-up materials from the summit are on the judge portal found on wgi.org. Please view the videos and review the documents (expanded bloom that you all assisted to develop is my favorite). Prepare yourselves and your tablets for your first regional -refer to the information from Russ, also on the judge portal, and contact him with any technical questions well before your first regional. Review World Class insight sheets (specifics will come to you from Karl). Work closely with Lyera regarding travel and notify both Dale and myself with any potential travel delays as soon as you discover them (most likely weather related) during the season. Continue to be prepared for critiques, no change here from last season. Communicate with your manager regarding your cross-caption partnering progress.


As discussed at the judge summit, we will all be required to complete some on-line education through WGI-certify. You will be receiving a separate email outlining those specifics at a later time.


As mentioned at the judge summit, we will be conducting conference calls with selected panels during the first month of regional contests. Please mark your calendars with the scheduled regionals below. These calls will most often take place on Monday evenings at 9 pm Eastern time and will last approximately thirty minutes. These calls will allow you to interact with your peers. The targeted outcome is to educationally connect with judges from the same contest, discussing aspects of the contest after some time for reflection. Such topics as: numbers management, commentary approach, upstairs / downstairs dialog, cross-caption observations, questions regarding judge performance, etc. will be the focus of these conference calls. You will receive specific details in a separate email containing the phone number and password for each call.

·      February 4th – St. Louis, Trumbull

·      February 11th – Bakersfield, Knoxville

·      February 18th/19th – Indianapolis, Salem, Tampa (call on Tuesday, Monday is a holiday)

·      February 25th – Pensacola, S. Brunswick, San Antonio


If you have been asked to work with Shirley D. during the season, please be diligent in that work. This is a non-academy year, so Karl and Shirley will have a bit more time to devote to your progress. Please take advantage of this and know that it is critical to your future development, if you have any questions contact your manager, Shirley or me.


Please send Lyera your complete winter schedule; this assists us as we report judge exposure to the Color Guard Advisory Board at the end of the season. Please include all local contests as well any evaluation / overview shows.


As we prepare to launch the 40th season of WGI, I would be remised if I didn’t acknowledge and pay gratitude to one of our founders. Shirlee Whitcomb has been the cornerstone of our activity since its inception. Many, if not most, of us were mentored, tutored and most of all encouraged by her over the decades. She was so proud of the strides we have all accomplished to support the students, instructors and organizations (world wide) that participate in our activity.


You are stakeholders, dedicated professionals always striving to keep up with this ever-evolving activity. I know I’m repeating myself, but it is worth stating again – you are trusted and supported at every level. I look forward to seeing you in a high school gym soon, thank you.