Rhythm X Announces Sponsorship of European X

September 30, 2009
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From a Rhythm X Press Release

Rhythm X is pleased to announce their sponsorship of European X. Since Rhythm X toured Europe in 2007, Craig Dunn has been traveling to Europe yearly to work with Percussion Unlimited. At the conclusion of the 2008-2009 season, Craig was inspired to be a part of the start of a new ensemble in Europe that had the same core and educational values that Rhythm X was founded on. “After working with Erik De Vries and Michel ten Brummelhuis on how to start and develop an indoor drumline, it was evident that this was an opportunity for me to give back and help develop and grow a new ensemble in Europe,” Dunn said. “Over the past several years I have gained so much information from my days at Westerville South to founding Rhythm X. The great staff that I work with and the many people that I have gained information from over the years allow me to share my knowledge with people that are just as eager to start their own drum line as I was to start Rhythm X.”

In addition to Craig Dunn, Tim Fairbanks, Andrew Markworth, and Tim Jackson will be designing and educating the newly formed organization in Europe. The Rhythm X staff members will be attending design camps working alongside the experienced Dutch Staff. Craig Dunn is also a member of the European X Board. The mission of European X is all about creating a forum for participants to develop themselves as performers and get an incredible international experience from the presence of the Rhythm X Staff. The Unit is a part of the Independent Music Projects Foundation (IMP), based out of the Netherlands and will be endorsing Dynasty, Innovative Percussion and Sabian as their choice of musical instruments.

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