Brothers Each Win Percussion Gold

July 30, 2013
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Teddy and Christian Rozanek are both musicians of note.

The brothers each won a gold medal this spring at the Winter Guard International Percussion World Championships in Dayton.

Teddy, 20, is a bassist in Rhythm X, which won an Independent World Gold Medal. Christian, 17, is center quad player for Capital City Percussion, which won the Open Class Independent championship.

Both brothers have participated and played tenor drum at Westland High School. Christian is entering his senior year at the school.

Even though he was in the process of winning his first gold medal, Teddy said he was more excited about his brother's success at the championships.

"We were rehearsing for our finals when I got a call from a friend that Christian's group had won," he said. "I was so thrilled for him, but I couldn't imagine both of us winning gold medals, even though Rhythm X had been doing well all season. It was great when we got a chance to stand together with our gold medals."

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