Processing Fee (one time only):

Beginning September 15th     $100.00
Beginning September 30th      $ 75.00 

(paid at the time of Event Registration)


Percussion ensembles entering WGI contests will receive participant passes for all performing members plus ten additional passes for all preliminaries and semi-finals contests only.  Two of the 10 additional passes will provide front-side seating at Regional Events.  Reduced rate non-finalist tickets will be available for purchase separately (percussion members plus ten additional). Only percussion ensembles performing in that finals contest will receive passes.

Entry fee per WInds ensemble postmarked on or before December 15th:

One-day Regional $225.00
Power Regionals $375.00
World Championships $525.00

Entry fee per Winds ensemble postmarked after December 15th:

One-day Regionals $275.00
Power Regionals $425.00
World Championships $625.00


"PLUS" Pass

One-day Regionals            $ 75.00
Power Regionals $100.00
World Championships $215.00


The “PLUS” Pass can only be purchased at the time your Event Registration is submitted.

Each Winds ensemble is financially responsible for all entry fees and fees associated with entries.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the WGI office at 937/247-5919 or

Top Secrets 7, 8, 9 SIDE

Lone Star - Speak Drum